NFL: Superbowl Hopes Fading In Seattle?


Falling to 4-5 after a crucial loss to division rival Arizona Cardinals; the Seattle Seahawks find themselves clinging to hopes of a third straight Superbowl appearance. After a devastating loss to the New England Patriots in Superbowl 49; we all expected the Seahawks to start this season with a chip on their shoulder and dominate the league.

Things have seemed to go in a different direction. Starting with strong safety Kam Chancellor holding out on training camp, the entire pre-season and the first two games of the season due to contract negotiations. Seattle’s secondary affectionately called “The Legion of Boom” looked less than intimidating without Chancellor’s presence. Chancellor returned in Week 3 leading Seattle in victory over the Chicago Bears but this team still seems to be looking for a rhythm to their season and their offense. Russell Wilson had the second worst completion rate of Week 10 at 43.8%.

All things considered, there is still something magical about this team; when all the chips are stacked against them they always seem to grit it out. The Seattle Seahawks will face the dismal San Fransisco 49ers in Week 11 in hopes of kick-starting a late season have one run at the post-season. My gut tells me that the world’s favorite underdog will be just that; the most feared Wild Card team in the playoffs; book it.


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