Sports & Love: How Important Is It To Have A Partner On The Road To Success?


“Be my backbone, every ***** need a spine” -Young Jeezy

I think Jeezy said it best but I can tell you first hand that taking the road less traveled can be lonely, defeating at times and filled with moments of discouragement. I always relate my journey to becoming the best woman sports broadcaster to that of an athlete trying to be the best at his/her game. Those same qualities it takes to be a great athlete are the same qualities it takes to accomplish whatever dream you may have. No days off. Consistency. Practice.

But how important is it to have a partner thats willing to ride with you and for you? To support you on your road to success. The long nights in the gym to the early mornings on the field.

Last Sunday, Russell Wilson was unable to overcome the 31pt. deficit the Seahawks incurred in the first half of last week’s NFC divisional round and eventually succumbed to Carolina 31-24. Shortly after the defeat, Ciara posted this message:



Russell Wilson responded by saying “Sweetest thing I’ve ever known. I’m so grateful for the loving, sweet, standup woman you are…Love you #TrueLove”.

 So I beg the question again, Is having a partner/companion necessary to be successful on the road less traveled?



NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Predictions


The Wild Card round did not disappoint despite the kickoff game being a blow-out by the Kansas City Chiefs (better luck next season Texans). So let’s preview this week’s match-ups.

New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs

With Julian Edelman, Sebastian Vollmer and Danny Amendola all expected to return this week with fresh legs; Tom Brady has something to look forward to. However, Brady may find a hard time avoiding Kansas City’s pass rush. Kansas City has extended their streak to 11 straight after a convincing win in Houston.

Key Factor: Jeremy Maclin and Rob Gronkowski level of production will either considerably hurt or help their respective teams.

Pick: Kansas City in OT. 20-17.

Arizona Cardinals vs Green BayPackers

In their last meeting on Dec. 27th, Arizona was able to hold Green Bay to 178 yards; their second lowest of the season but it’s safe to say those aren’t the same Packers who won convincingly against the NFC East Champion Redskins. Although, Arizona is the overwhelming favorite, I smell a legendary game from Aaron Rodgers.

Key Factor: One word. Aaron Rodgers.

Pick: Green Bay 28-27.

The Wild Wild Card: NFL Playoffs Saturday Predictions

article1Well the NFL 2015-2016 regular season has come to an end and the playoffs are upon us. With the mystical “Superbowl 50” dangling in front of 12 teams eyes; it all starts with this very weekend. The Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals all have a bye this week and each get the treat of facing one the four teams who survive this weekend. And when I say survive I mean survive. So let’s get into some game previews and predictions for a weekend that will be sure not to disappoint.

(4) Houston Texans vs (5) Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are on arguably the quietest 10-game winning streak and The Houston Texans are seeming to be getting a rhythm and flow between Deandre Hopkins on offense and J.J. Watt on defense, as they a gear up for this Week 1 rematch.

Chiefs rookie CB Marcus Peters has had an outstanding season that just so happened to start off with a pick on Houston Texans QB Brian Hoyer & Houston’s own  J.J. Watt and Whitney Merciless have combined for 29.5 sacks this season. Leading to the for both teams: Defense .

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs are just hard to bet against right now. Not only are they streaking, they have allowed the third fewest points of any team this season. Kansas City 23-17.

(3) Cincinnati Bengals vs (6) Pittsburgh Steelers

Sneaking through the back door of these playoffs, The Steelers are the overwhelming favorite in this match-up against a Cincinnati Bengal team who hasn’t won a playoff game since Jan. 6 1991 (I wasn’t even born yet!). The Bengals started off this season on a 7 game winning streak and were true Superbowl contenders until starting QB Andy Dalton broke his thumb in a Week 13 loss to none other than the Pittsburgh Steelers

Back-up QB AJ McCarron will start in his first playoff game against 2x SuperBowl champ Ben Roethlisberger; Steelers will clearly have the advantage here. Statistically, thats pretty much where the Steelers edge ends. The Steelers have allowed 7.5 yards per pass the worst of any of the 12 playoff teams and Bengals defense has given up only 279 points, second fewest in the NFL.

Pick: Although the “playoff curse” looms over the Bengals, I think they’ll still get the victory. Bengals in a tough OT win. 31-28

Put your seatbelt on because day one will take us for ride.#RoadtoSuperBowl50



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