Style: NikeID Lounge/Lebron XIII Review

Right from the door, I was impressed with the futuristic colors, bright lights and vibrant energy at Toronto’s NikeID lounge. From KD’s to classic AirForceOne’s, guests were able to not only view but experience the best and latest Nike has to offer.

Cool tunes were spun by the DJ on the second level of the two floor suite and desktops lined the walls for guest to customize their own sneaker. I was unware of the finite details that go into creating a sneaker. I chose the Lebron XIII’s and from the midsole to the flywire to the color of the swoosh, I was able to put my own personal imprint on my favorite sneaker. The best part? Having my name in scripted on the tongue.

IMG_1319Lebron XIII customized with Jaz August name imprinted in tounge


The original Lebron XIII, 2016 before customization.


Jaz August takes picture in front of famous Toronto area code 416 at NikeID Lounge in Toronto.

Overall, the NikeId lounge was not only effervescent but it was familiar. There was an innate family atmosphere that made guests feel like they were at home and apart of the Nike team.


2 thoughts on “Style: NikeID Lounge/Lebron XIII Review

  1. Dellana Zep says:

    Great article on your coverage of the All Stars Weekend. It’s always nice and refreshing to see women in sports; especially a young woman such as yourself. Keep up the great work!

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