The Unapologetic Podcast: Houston Edition

Hello My Loves! It’s been a while but I’m back and if you haven’t been following me on social media you wouldn’t know that I have now launched my podcast “The Unapologetic Podcast”. Back in December, I made the decision to leap and began to share my experiences, dope conversations and words of advice. Now, I will share these conversations with you exclusively on

Starting with Episode 3 of Season II, my trip to Houston, Texas. The place where the vibe is inexplicable- vibes on 1000%. On top of that, its the place where I can eat catfish and waffles for breakfast! In this episode, I talk OTRII with Beyonce and Jay-Z, why I love Houston, what my mom’s friend taught about being happy everyday and much more. So press play and get into “The Unapologetic Podcast”.

Exclusive Pics

Beyonce Performing
Jaz August heading to the concert
The Crew hanging out in Houston
Club Nights
Catching The Vibe
The Beautiful City


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